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Google Scholar: Google Scholar

Customize Google Scholar to show HU Library resources in the search results.

Why Google Scholar?

  • Convenient, easy to use searching
  • Access to many free articles
  • Citations on nearly any topic

Why not Google Scholar?

  • Results may be behind a paywall
  • Articles may violate copyright
  • ResearchGate and articles may be posted without the author's permission

Adding Library Links to Google Scholar

Add the HU Library to Google Scholar results

1.Open the menu link, in the upper left, next to the Google Scholar logo

2. Click the Settings Gear

3. Click Library Links, and type Harrisburg University into the search box, then select both Harrisburg University Full Text and View it checkboxes.

4. Save your settings and begin searching! 

 (You will be asked to log into HU Library resources.)

Items in our library will be identified in the search results with a link.

Google Scholar Customization Video