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Logging in to Library Resources: Home

Trouble logging into library resources? Learn how to log in to the various library systems.

Logging into Library Resources

Most library resources use your myHU login for authentication.  If you have any problems, please contact the library.

Logging into Library Resources Using OpenAthens

Most library resources are now using the myHU login for access.

Trouble Logging In

You may encounter a few resources still using the Keystone Library Network login screen.  


KLN login

 In most cases, you can log into this screen by entering your myHU username and password.

 To log in, select ONE of the two methods below:
Library ID Logon
1. Enter your Library ID:
Is your HU ID 5 digits?
Enter 1500 followed by your 5 digit ID number. (Ex: 150012345)
Is your HU ID 6 digits?
Enter 150 followed by your 6 digit ID number. (Ex: 150123456)
1. Select "Harrisburg University" from the Institution drop-down menu.
2. Enter your last name.
2. Enter your HU username and HU password
3. Click "Login"
3. Click "Login"
You can also watch the video below to learn how to log in.

Logging into Library Resources using the Keystone Library Network

This video is best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

For more information and help logging into resources, view the Logging in to Library Resources guide.